Brand New Thinking is a platform, delivered by Pollitt & Partners, that brings people together from a range of creative and commercial backgrounds to explore how brands influence our behaviour.

This is normally delivered through a series of events, but we have adapted to the current circumstances and created Brand New Thinking Lock in and are now offering free thought-provoking, team inspiring and idea generating virtual workshops for your business.

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No more business as usual.

In order to thrive and not merely survive, businesses have always needed fresh thinking and new ideas. Until recently we have been living through a golden age of innovative start-ups, exciting new brands and David vs Goliath stories of disruption.

With Covid-19 acting as both a cultural and economic earthquake, what is clear is that ‘business as usual’ is forever a thing of the past.

Rebuilding our economy and our society demands fresh perspectives, brave new ideas and radically different approaches to how we tackle challenges. In other words, the world needs #BrandNewThinking now more than it ever has.

We are here to help. Brand New Thinking sits at the heart of our business, and we are on a mission to bring it to new companies, new sectors, and new challenges.

More about the workshop

  • Our virtual ‘Brand New Thinking’ strategy workshops are an opportunity to discuss current challenges and opportunities; identifying what is needed and what is potentially holding you back?
  • This is a chance to look into the future and formulate both a vision and roadmap for where you want to go
  • Together we will craft the right workshop for you, deciding which creative and strategic exercises best meet your needs
  • We will do all of the prep for the workshop and facilitate it to make sure the difficult questions are asked
  • We will encourage all members of your team to think in new and creative ways
  • A virtual workshop usually lasts a maximum of 90 minutes
  • We will collaborate with you following the workshop to help successfully implement the strategy and bring ideas to life
    We know some people are feeling the Zoom fatigue, so our goal is to make this feel new, different and exciting!

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